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Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Bong

It can be confusing when you want to buy your first bong, especially when you are not experienced in the smoking industry. With the different sizes, styles, and materials used to make the water bong, even the experienced smoker can find it a daunting task. As a smoker, every water bong will be serving its purpose as you will use it for smoking. However, you will want to enjoy the experience of smoking out of a bong, making not any water bong an ideal option for you. People want to buy their own water bong, so that they can enjoy the experience, making not every water bong an ideal option for you. There are key things that will help you buy the ideal bong for your needs. Reading more in this article will help you find some ideal water bongs that will meet your needs.

The purchase of the water bong will mean that you consider the material used in its making. You will find most water bongs are made using glass or plastic. Metal pipes or ceramics can also be used to make the water bong. Glass water bong is a preferred choice for most smokers as it is cleaner and more stylish as compared to plastic counterparts. You need to be extra cautious with the glass water bongs are they are easily breaking when you mishandle them. The ideal option is the scientific glass water bong though they are more expensive. Since glass water bong is more delicate, it is better off when you leave them at home. In case you are going for an event and want to carry your water bong, you will consider those made from plastic or metal. These are also cheaper options and you will not have to worry much about them if anything happens.

You will also want to consider the size of the water bong. When you want to buy a water bong that you can move with around, you will go for the smaller plastic bongs. This is an ideal option for portability than the four-foot glass monster. You may not want people to know that you are a smoker and need to hide the water bong, so you will find the small plastic ones are ideal. You will though need to get a beautiful heady showcase piece when you want to show off your awesome taste in the glass. The size as well as an effect on the smoking experience that you get.

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